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The Connecticut Association of Paramedics and EMTs

The Connecticut Association of Paramedics and EMTs (CAPE) was established in 2019.  With many changes to the EMS career field in recent years, it is clear that EMS providers have not been considered by the people making the laws/policies.  EMS providers have been forgotten about for far too long.  CAPE was established by EMS providers for EMS providers.  It is time EMS providers band together and ensure we get the representation at the state level that we need and deserve.  TOGETHER we will make a difference!


CAPE is the only association in Connecticut dedicated solely to EMS.  Members of CAPE were instrumental in making Connecticut EMS providers aware they were being left out of the ACT CONCERNING WORKERS' COMPENSATION BENEFITS FOR CERTAIN MENTAL OR EMOTIONAL IMPAIRMENTS, MENTAL HEALTH CARE FOR POLICE OFFICERS AND WELLNESS TRAINING FOR POLICE OFFICERS, PAROLE OFFICERS AND FIREFIGHTERS (The PTSD Bill).  CAPE members were able to garner 11,500 signatures in support of EMS being added to the PTSD bill.  Through their efforts, national attention was brought to the bill and a pathway to include EMS in 2020 is hopeful.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that EMS providers of Connecticut are fairly represented at the Connecticut State Legislature and in state committees.  We strive to keep our members updated about upcoming legislation and/or policy change.   CAPE is dedicated to making sure we are included at the inception of laws/polices and not just notified after the fact.  EMS providers in Connecticut have been lacking "a say" in our own career field for far too long.  It's time we will hold our lawmakers and leaders responsible.


Short Term Goals

  • Provide effective representation with state lawmakers

  • Provide a platform for members to share idea/concerns

Long term goals:

  • Provide educational services to members

  • Provide members with discounts to local businesses

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