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Derrick Caranci


Derrick is a Paramedic and EMS-Instructor currently practicing in the North Central and Northwest Regions of Connecticut.  Starting his EMS career in 2006 as an Emergency Medical Responder, Derrick joined his local volunteer ambulance.  Derrick is a veteran of the US Air Force honorably serving from April 2009-March 2013.  Derrick championed the outcry of for EMS inclusion in the PTSD bill, acquiring over 11,500 signatures on a petition in support of EMS.  Derrick is committed to unifying EMS providers in Connecticut to help ensure future policies/laws dont leave EMS behind.

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Tom Latosek


Tom is a practicing paramedic and EMS educator who has been involved in EMS in CT since 2007.  During that time he has worked in both career and volunteer capacities and has taught many providers.  He is also a member of the paramedic committee and is currently pursuing his MD degree.  Tom is dedicated to improving the profession of EMS and providing the highest quality of care to the patients EMS serves through advocacy and education.

CAPE Executive Board of Directors

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Tamarah Fischer 

Vice President

Tamarah Fischer is currently a practicing Paramedic in the North East Region of Connecticut. Serving in EMS for more than 20 years, Tamarah has experience with a variety of both volunteer and career
systems. With the desire to be better informed of state-wide changes in the industry, Tamarah became an active member of the Paramedic Committee where she grew to understand the need for a unified
voice in EMS.

Scott Worcester


Scott is a Paramedic and the current co-chair of the Paramedic Committee of the Connecticut EMS Advisory Board. Scott has been involved in EMS since 2005 with volunteer, municipal, and commercial services.  He has been an advocate for growth and change throughout his career in EMS. Scott is devoted to continuing to strengthen the voice of EMS through unity as one.

Robert Glaspy

Director of External Affairs

Robert Glaspy is a Nationally Registered Paramedic who has been involved in EMS since 2013. He started in EMS as a volunteer EMR. Robert also has a law enforcement background graduating from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in 2002. He has a strong passion for EMS advocacy and has been involved with working with legislators to bring the concerns of EMS providers throughout the state to the capital. He has two beautiful daughters Sierra and Alyssa who serve as his inspiration. 

Doug Dole

Director of Membership Affairs

Bio Coming Soon....

Eric Freundt

Region 1 Representative

Bio Coming Soon....

Ben Zura

Region 2 Representative

Bio Coming Soon....

Thomas Bascetta

Region 3 Representative

Tom Bascetta is Clinical Leader and Flight Respiratory Therapist and Paramedic for the LIFESTAR program at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut for the past eleven years. He holds an A.S. in Respiratory Care and is finishing his B.S. in Healthcare Administration with a focus in safety and quality. Additionally, he is a Nationally Registered Paramedic and has the Flight Paramedic Certification. Tom’s EMS career started in 2000 when he became an EMR, and he rapidly fell in love with the EMS industry after volunteering as a first responder in his hometown. Over the years while volunteering in EMS he obtained his EMT-B, EMT-I, and paramedic licenses. In addition to working full time in air medical transport he continues to work as a paramedic prehospitally. Tom’s goal is to ensure EMS’s voice is heard in decisions that impact our industry, while simultaneously optimizing the quality and safety of EMS care.

Kyle Goulet

Region 4 Representative

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